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Hart Community Homes Inc. was established in 1996 by dedicated people who wanted more for their community's children. Today, Hart Community Homes Inc. offers comprehensive services to Orange County consumers in their homes and throughout the community.

We operate two state-licensed residential treatment homes in Orange, CA for boys ages 13-18. Our youth have a background of abuse, parental alcoholism and drug addiction, family mental illness, neglect and abandonment.

To promote the community integration of youth who have transitioned through the foster care system and to create services which expand their opportunities for personal freedom and choice. We serve some of the most at- risk youth in this mistreated population. The youth we care for will eventually come of age and emancipate out of the foster care system and become productive citizens in our community.

When the boys are placed at Hart Community Homes they have been removed from their homes because of severe neglect, abandonment, or abuse. Within a supportive and therapeutic environment, these young men are provided opportunities to gain insight into themselves and acquire important problem solving and decision-making skills. Our program specializes in assisting each resident in gaining independent living skills before he is emancipated into the community. Our goal is to make a positive change for this special population through:

  1. Prevention - Carry out programs of independent living skills, workforce development training, education, and provide therapy, support, and self-awareness. Wherever possible network with other centers of influence and affiliates.
  2. Placement - Provide long term support to children in dependency programs by maintaining high quality standards at Hart Community Homes by providing the children under our care with a small six bed family home setting, offering them the opportunity to live and grow within the least restrictive, yet highly structured therapeutic environment.
  3. Emancipation - Provide support to children leaving the dependency system through such means as workforce development training, housing, transportation, employment, mentoring and peer mentoring. Providing all services necessary to ensure successful transition out of the system into the community. To continue providing services, resources, and support to emancipated adults in the community.
  4. Fundraising and Public Awareness - Carry out fundraising programs that will support prevention, care, and emancipation, while at the same time educating the public and motivating them to become directly involved in solutions by providing funds for the Vocational Center and other efforts consistent with our vision.

Our program and services support the following key strategies:

  1. Provide the children under our care with the best quality treatment and services available.
  2. Treatment plans and services are designed to meet the individual needs of our consumers.
  3. To ensure all residents have all the tools necessary before emancipating from the system to make their transition successful.
  4. Support each individual with a safe and healthy transition out of the foster care system into the community.
  5. To provide continuous support and resources to these emancipated adults in the community.
  6. Strengthen and educate at- risk youth so the cycle of abuse is not repeated.


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